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2019 Worlds Teams You Don’t Know [Part 2] – Mammoth, The Aussie Giant

Coming into the 2019 League of Legends World Tournament relatively unknown and from what’s considered one of the weakest professional leagues, Oceania, Mammoth comes in with a massive chip on it’s shoulder. Mammoth’s path to success and proving the world wrong is bound to be a rocky one, starting in the play-in phase. Here’s a deeper look into what you should know about the Australian champs heading into October 2nd.

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Roster and Player Notes

Fudge – Top Lane

Notable Champions:
Aatrox – Recording 7 wins with 0 losses throughout the regular season and playoffs.

Notes: Fudge’s average KDA on Aatrox comes in at a formidable 6.5, which should make Aatrox ban-worthy for his opponents at worlds. After Aatrox, there aren’t any of Fudge’s picks that should scare teams at Worlds.

Fudge burst onto the scene when he was moved from Mammoth Academy onto Mammoth’s active roster. Since being promoted, Mammoth has had a win-loss record of 16-2.

Babip – Jungler

Notable Champions:
Sejuani – Going a perfect 3-0 in Split 2 playoffs.
Jarvan IV – Over two games in the playoffs having a ludicrous 28 KDA.

Notes: Babip is one of the promising talents native to Australia (Queensland to be exact). He has shown steady growth as a player and will continue to have a promising career. A trip to Worlds could be the experience Babip needs to take that next step.

Triple – Mid Lane

Notable Champions:
Vladimir – A pick that we don’t get to see in the mid-lane too often. Triple is currently an undefeated 4-0 over the last split with Vlad.
Azir – A perfect fit for a mid-laner who is capable of big plays, but mostly wants to control until the late-game. Triple boasts an 80% win rate on Azir.

Notes: Triple is my wildcard for Mammoth. Although Vladimir and Azir are his two picks that stood out to me, the list of champions Triple has played over the past split is astounding: Azir, Vladimir, Jayce, Akali, Corki, Lissandra, Morgana, Sylas, Varus, Yasuo, Kai’Sa and Karma. Good luck naming his champion pool in one breath. I believe Triple will have a surprise pick that will get the crowd on it’s feet at Worlds and that may be the best thing for a massive underdog like Mammoth.

K1ng (Formerly Known as “BEST AD”) – AD Carry

Notable Champions:
Ezreal – Had a monstrous 8-0-8 game in the playoffs, but has had mixed results outside of that game.
Kai’Sa – He has had a lot of games recently on the potential hyper-carry.

Notes: K1ng comes off to me as a feast-or-famine type of AD Carry. He can almost single-handedly take over a game for Mammoth, but he also has the potential for some very pedestrian performances.

Destiny – Support

Notable Champions:
Rakan – Posted a wonderful 5-1 record over the last split and Rakan’s gutsy, play-making kit seems to fit Destiny well.

Notes: Destiny has a few fairly recent off meta picks that have me really excited, in Volibear and Elise

Photo Credit: ABC.net.au

How Did They Qualify for Worlds?

The first split of 2019 was not one that made us think that Mammoth would be representing Oceania at Worlds. Mammoth ended with an 11-10 regular season record and followed-up by losing in the first round of the playoffs 3-1 to ORDER, the lowest seeded team.

To Start the second split, Mammoth began rotating between Fudge and Topoon in the top lane, and were rewarded by starting the split 5-0. Mammoth had a few hiccups along the way, but ultimately ended with a 16-5 record and earning the second seed in the playoffs. Settling on Fudge as their top-laner for the playoffs, Mammoth dominated ORDER in the semi-finals 3-0 and swept the number one seed, Chiefs Esports Club, in the grand finals, securing their trip to Worlds.

Worlds Performance Prediction

Mammoth has made some incredible strides as an organization in 2019, and going to Worlds will be their greatest accomplishment to date. It’s too early for me to believe that Mammoth will create any major waves at Worlds this year. However, I believe that A) Mammoth will advance from the play-in groups, and B) We will see Mammoth back at Worlds in 2020.

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