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5 Questions to be asked before the LEC Summer Play-Offs

The first week of LEC Summer play-offs is just around the corner and one cannot simply avoid the omnipresent predicitons about each team’s performance. With Worlds 2020 slowly becoming more and more real rather than distant future, everyone has their eyes set on getting the desired ticket. What answers about each team’s disposition will the following weeks bring?

1. Will G2 spoil the fun as always?

G2 have experience in competing under the toughest circumstances

Even though G2 Esports haven’t had their most ideal regular season, and have suffered a few ups and downs throughout it – they’re still G2. Sometimes it feels as though everybody is doing their best but finally G2 comes and snatches the title like it’s a kids toy. We’ve already witnessed their revenge on MAD Lions in the Spring Split and frankly speaking, it’s nothing unusual in terms of the 2019 dominators of. No matter what happens at the beginning, once they find their flow in the Best of Five series, it’s going to be a tough time for their opponents.

2. Does Schalke really have null fear?

Schalke 04, despite a terrible start into the Summer Split, are now one of the fan-favourites in the LEC. Ever since the creation of God Gilius, their matches are one of the most (if not the most) anticipated every week. They proved themselves capable of taking down absolutely everyone, regardless of whether they are the current leader or not. The last Superweek of the regular split seemed to highlight the mental strength Schalke has worked on; they didn’t let the overwhelming pressure of the possible miracle run stop them from showing their best on Summoner’s Rift and eventually claiming a win over MAD Lions. Every match is a playground for a different player. Sometimes it’s Abbedagge domitating the midlane, sometimes Neon acing teamfights. With Gilius’ mastery in smite duels, Schalke should be well respected in the upcoming weeks. The question is – will they be able to carry this attitude and momentum into the play-offs and take the chance of attending Worlds?

3. Will Fnatic live up to their LEC heritage?

LEC 2018 Summer champions – last title Fnatic were able to secure

Let’s be honest – this is not a good time for both Fnatic and their fans. On one hand, we have the ongoing rivalry between them and G2, on the other – the rise of another pretenders for the throne in the form of MAD and Rogue. For the royal organisation, the regular split abounded in questionable picks and what seemed like a lot of miscommunication in the playmaking process. However, they are not afraid to step up in the fight to bring back their old glory and reclaim the throne – and the last 3 games are supposed to be a good beginning to an even better run for the title. As long as they find their inner drive and get back to the aggresive, early-game oriented playstyle they presented during Spring Split, we might have a chance of viewing spectacular fights.

4. Will SK prove their Summer play-offs attendance is only the beginning?

Advancing to summer play-offs after coming as a second to last team in the Spring Split should be considered a good achievement in itself. With a team greatly oriented towards playing around their ADC, Juš “Crownshot” Marušič (who, unsurprisingly, has been chosen the MVP of SK’s games a significant amount of times), they aim to create a stir in the favourites enviroment and possibly bring their performance to a whole new level. This split is an indisputable chance for SK Gaming to finally obtain fame to their name, rather thab staying just another mediocre LEC team.

5. Will Rogue vs MAD Lions become Europe’s new thrilling rivalry?

Despite making play-offs as the two top teams of LEC, there is one “small” difference between MAD and Rogue – the fact that Rogue has already secured their Worlds spot. By no means does that mean they don’t care about becoming Summer Champions, though. The players are striving for success and will do everything in their might to prove they are ready to pull off a fantastic international perfomance. On the contrary, MAD Lions bring their energy and courage to the Summoner’s Rift, looking forward to shutting everyone down. What makes MAD and Rogue’s face-offs so exciting is that their playstyles differ a lot. The former often takes their craziness for advantage in teamfights, the latter tries to strategically play around objectives. Will one of them take part in the Grand Final and possibly become champions? Only time will tell.

Don’t forget to tune in on the weekend to warch the start of what might be the most historical LEC split so far!

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