Allied E-sports Odyssey Takeaways

Last weekend we were able to see the top European teams compete at The Allied E-sports Odyssey. On one hand, The Allied E-sports Odyssey, we saw more of the same old with G2 stomping all of their competition. But on the other hand we were able to catch a whiff of fresh air from younger and established teams.


As far as top Valorant teams go, there is no European team better than G2. The Berlin-based team has now won four tournaments in a row, and they show no signs of slowing down. Teams have struggled to contain the current kings of Europe and keep up with Mixwell. Team captain, Mixwell, had another stellar performance throughout the group stage and playoffs. Ardiis, who averaged a combat score of 241, was also a key figure for the G2 lineup throughout the tournament. Yet not all things were perfect for G2. DavidP lost his father on August 12th, the second day of the event. Despite this, he continued playing vowing to win the tournament for his father. Going into the Allied E-sports Odyssey, G2 looked to be the best team in Europe, but after lifting the crown, G2 seems to be one of the best Valorant teams in the world.

G2’s Mixwell

FunPlus Phoenix

After being signed four days before the tournament, nobody knew what to expect from FunPlus Phoenix’s rooster. Despite their weak start in the group stage, they established themselves as a top tier European team. Their roster currently consists of Zyppan, ShadoW, and Meddo) from FABRIKEN, the young, Russian star Shao, and Counter-Strike veteran Ange1. Nobody knew what to expect from FunPlus this tournament. The quickly put together rooster was either going to be a huge success or a massive flop. What we got was something in-between. The group stage saw FunPlus Phoenix drop games to qualifier teams Ninjas in Pyjamas and Giants Gaming. It wasn’t until the playoffs that it felt like the team found their rhythm. Breakout performances from both Zyppan and Shao pushed FunPlus to pick up a crucial victory over Team Liquid to make it to the finals against G2. Yet, not even an inform FunPlus could handle G2. G2 was able to shut down Shao Zyppan in a clean 2-0 sweep. For FunPlus Phoenix, this is only the start of their Valorant team, but with a little more experience, they could one-day takedown G2. 

FunPlus Phoenix captain Ange1

Team Liquid

Team Liquid debuted their professional Valorant team here at the Allied E-Sports Odyssey. This iteration of Team Liquid, however, is not a brand-new team. Team Liquid signed fish123, a small org-less British team that has played together in a handful of major tournaments—even going onto meet G2 in the finals of the We Play Invitational!  Team Liquid also went as far as bringing with them their coach Sliggy. Billed as the rising underdogs that could potentially dethrone G2, Team Liquid had the potential to dominate this tournament. Throughout the group stage, this looked to be the case. Through decisive rounds lead by L1nk and Scream, Team Liquid 1-1 with both G2 and FunPlus Phoenix. They even went on to end the group stage at number #1 seed. Yet, moving into playoffs, things got a little shaky for the young team. After dropping to G2 in the semi-finals 9-13, they fell to the lower bracket against FunPlus Phoenix. Despite their result, the future seems bright for the young team, and under Sliggy’s leadership, they, like FunPlus Phoenix, may have a chance of one day dethroning G2.

Team Liquid’s ScreaM

Ninjas in Pyjamas 

For Ninjas in Pyjamas, Allied E-Sports Odyssey has been decent tournament for them. Previously, they finished 4th in the We Play! Invitational after losing to fish123, now Team Liquid. They lost in the semi-finals of the Cup to Bonk! Their highest win at a major tournament so far has been 3rd. This iteration of NIP had every chip on their shoulder to prove to Europe that they deserved at a seat at the table amongst the greats G2, Team Liquid, and FunPlus. After struggling to keep up with the top teams in the group stage, NIP still managed to get the 4th seed to qualify for playoffs. And despite their disappointing result in playoffs, Lurkerrr still had a career-defining performance proving to Europe that he is one of the best Jett/Opers. 

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