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Biggest takeaways from the CDL New York home series

The New York Subliners

Last weekend saw the CDL New York home series take place. The event let us see 8 of the best teams in the world battle it out to be crowned champion. We are able to takeaway some points as to what we learnt from CDL New York.

New Meta causes struggles for players

The event was the first time we got to see the new assault rifle heavy meta. With the MP5 being nerfed before the event we saw many teams switching to 3 M4s and 2 MP5s, completely changing the previous meta which saw teams running up to 4 MP5s at a time. As a result, we saw multiple sub players including the likes of Seth “Scump” Abner and Alex “Alexx” Carpenter struggling throughout the weekend. The nerf to the MP5 and the heavier assault rifle pressure in game seems to be causing problems for these sub players who would normally have free roam over a map. Instead its causing players to have to change how they move around the map and challenge gunfights. Before the nerf, MP5 players could roam around the map without worrying too much about the distance and position of gunfights that they would challenge. As a result, it has caused many players to struggle as they are continuing to try and play how they did before the nerf. We will have to see at the next few events if it remains common for these sub players to struggle, or if they are able to adapt and get back on top the scoreboards.

New York Subliners finally take an event

The New York Subliners appeared to thrive with the new meta with Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto and Dillion “Attach” Price both adapting well. The long time duo put up dominating performances, especially against Toronto Ultra and the Chicago Huntsmen, beating both teams in a 3-0 fashion on the way to winning the event. The switch to three assault rifles is surprisingly beneficial to the line up, especially considering they have a sub heavy lineup with Donovan “Temp” Laroda and Makenzie “Mack” Kelley, as well ZooMaa and Attach, all playing the role. However, as seen at the event the whole team thrived playing well in every series, only showing weakness once against the Chicago Huntsman in the group stages, before dominating the rest of their matches.

Toronto show improvement

The Toronto Ultra once again made changes to their starting lineup, bringing Nicholas “Classic” DiCostanzo back and dropping Adrian “MettalZ” Serrano to the bench. The lineup has always been competitive despite their poor results due to being a strong search and destroy team. The team made it out the groups, taking a convincing 3-1 victory over the struggling Paris Legion before causing a surprise upset over Atlanta Faze. They did have their tournament cut short by the New York Subliners, however they kept the series competitive losing the hardpoint 250 to 247 and the domination 156 to 146. Toronto Ultra put in a strong performance across the whole weekend, proving that they have improved. This is a good sign for the team being this close to the World Championship and if they are able to fix just a few errors made they could be serious contenders for the event.

Minnesota ROKKR and Paris Legion continue to disappoint

Both the Minnesota ROKKR and Paris Legion started the season strong, picking up many points early on. This event however, saw the Minnesota ROKKR fail to escape the group stages for the 4th event in a row, while the Paris Legion have now failed to get out the group stages since week 3 of the league. With poor results continuing to occur even with a new meta in place questions have to be asked of both their starting lineups. Many teams in the league have made changes to their squads with varying success. We have seen both Florida Mutineers and Chicago Huntsmen make changes and win events, while teams like the LA Guerrillas have made changes with no real difference in results. With only two events left before the World Championship it may be time for these rosters to make changes. Both teams do not have much to lose by making a switch this late in the season, and it would not be a surprise if we see a change from both before their next outings.

So here our are biggest takeaways from the New York home series. Tell us in the comments below if there are any major takeaways from the event that you noticed and we did not comment on.

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