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BMW teams up with G2 and Fnatic for a Berlin Brawl

April 2020 marked the beginning of a collaboration run between BMW and five of the major teams worldwide. On August 14th, two of them – G2 Esports and Fnatic – take part in the BMW Berlin Brawl, an event featuring selected fans from the community and hosted by the LVL World of Gaming.

What we can expect during the Brawl are two modes – a “MIXED 5v5” and an “ARAM 2v2”, where LoL enthusiasts will go head to head alongside their heroes. Some twists in the formula are also possible, as fans have a huge contribution to everything concerning the way the game will be played. Each five-person team consists of two pro-players and three fans. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions regarding social distancing, LVL provides a separate room for each of the fans participating in the event. Additionally, Berlin Brawl does not involve spectators, but a livestream and a chat are available for those wishing to see the event.

The reason behind the Berlin Brawl

Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer & Brand BMW: “With our international Esports commitment, we want to bring the BMW brand to life in the Esports community authentically and using new formats. The Berlin Brawl is our first event in which teams and fans come together to celebrate the love of competition, true to the motto ‘United in Rivalry’, whereby our newly founded BMW Esports Twitter channel will serve as a live broadcasting platform for the first time.

Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez (CEO G2 Esports): When BMW contacted us with an opportunity to take Fnatic down for a third time this split, we simply couldn’t turn the chance down. It’s a great opportunity for both teams to give back to the fans and celebrate the #UnitedInRivalry campaign and we’re proud to do so at our home at LVL World of Gaming. Of course, the #G2ARMY is going to show why we are the best. Let’s go!

Sam Mathews (CEO Fnatic): The Berlin Brawl is a brilliant concept for us and the fans. Our fans thrive on the rivalry and the opportunity for some of them to play alongside their favourite players as well as having tangible involvements in the pick/bans, etc brings it to life in a totally new way and we are very excited BMW has brought us together for this. It is just unfortunate the fans can’t be in the arena with us, but we look forward to having them there for the next one. Fnatic vs G2 means so much. It is the two most storied teams in the LEC battling it out. G2 may have had the better of us recently, but I have no doubt we’re building something truly great. Our rivalry makes both teams strive to do better and be better, and without it the LEC would not be the same. Fnatic have the best fans in the world, so putting them alongside our players and head trainer Mithy – I know exactly who is going to be walking away with the trophy on the night.”

If you wish to tune in for a spectacular event, make sure to check out the BMW Motorsport Twitch Channel:  www.twitch.tv/bmwmotorsport. BMW Esports Twitter channel also provides a livestream.
All information thanks to BMW.

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