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Call of Duty League 2020 Playoff Day One Recap

Day One of the CDL 2020 Playoffs

Day one of the Call of Duty League’s Playoffs is now complete and we got to see our first four teams go head to head. The matches on show were the Seattle Surge versus Paris Legion and Optic Gaming LA versus LA Guerrillas. All four teams started in the losers bracket and are playing for their survival in the tournament. All four teams knew they had to win if they wanted to be guaranteed a share of the 4.6 million dollar price pool.

Match 1: Seattle Surge vs Paris Legion

The CDL Playoffs started off with the Seattle Surge coming up against Paris Legion. Both teams have struggled throughout the year, however this was a time for them to attempt to turn their seasons around. Gunrunner Hardpoint was up first and Paris Legion quickly pulled out a lead over Seattle. Paris looked extremely comfortable on the map and never eased up, convincingly taking it 250 to 110. Louqa would get 33 kills guiding Paris to victory. In the Search and Destroy it seemed like Seattle had woken up, with Octane putting up yet another monster performance. Despite this Seattle would fall short, losing 6-4 and making Octanes efforts all the more heartbreaking.

The best map of the series came on Hackney Yard Domination. Which saw Paris storm into yet another early lead looking to close the series out in just three maps. Then in the second half of the map something clicked in the Seattle camp. Seattle would start making a dramatic comeback looking to keep their championship hopes alive. However, despite their best efforts they could only close the gap down to just 3 points and would lose 153 to 150. This meant that Paris took the series 3-0 and will go on to face either the London Royal Ravens or Toronto Ultra on Saturday the 22nd of August.

Match 2: Optic Gaming LA vs LA Guerrillas

Match two saw Optic Gaming take on the LA Guerrillas. This match unlike the first went the distance, with both teams putting in outstanding performances against one another. Map one saw the two face off on Gunrunner Hardpoint. The Guerrillas would build up an early lead and at one point led Optic by 60 points, however this gap would quickly be cut down to around 20. Then when the score was around 182 to 165 in favour of the Guerrillas Kenny disconnect from the server leaving Optic in a 4 versus 5. Optic would put in a strong performance but fall short losing 250 to 217. Even with Kenny disconnecting, no credit should be taken away from the Guerrillas, with Decemate putting up a huge 45 kills to help secure the victory.

The Search and Destroy and Domination would both then go in Optics favour. Both maps saw the teams closely contest one another with Optic winning the Search and Destroy by just two rounds 6-4 and the Domination by only 15 points. These two maps continued to show just how evenly matched the two rosters are.

Map four would continue the drama between the two rosters. St Petrograd Hardpoint was up next and both teams were once again going back and fourth. Optic wanted to close the game out in a 3-1 fashion, while the Guerrillas didn’t want their championship run to end before it had really even started. The two teams couldn’t be separated with both sides swapping the lead change on multiple occasions. Then at roughly 117 to 94 in favour of the Guerrillas, Kenny would once again disconnect from the server. Optic would have to try and close the game out in yet another 4 versus 5 situation. The Guerrillas capitalised on the situation and would eventually close out the game 250 to 151, but it was not in the way they would have wanted to win.

Dashy returns to Optic for a chaotic map 5

Dashy would be subbed in for Optic to play map 5 and many questioned if he would be ready after roughly 3 months away from the pro league. The match would follow suit with the rest of the series, continuing to provide drama. The first round saw TJHaly get an ace to secure Optic an early 1-0 lead. The teams would then play a few close rounds before Drazah would get a massive 3 piece in round 4, followed by Hollow getting a 4 piece in round 5 giving Optic a commanding 4-1 lead. However, Optics individuals heroics couldn’t stop the Guerrillas team work, and the score would quickly be 4-4. From here Dashy would then pop off going on a huge 5 kill streak to help secure the 6-4 victory for Optic Gaming. Dashy would finish with a k/d of 9-7 and be crucial in Optics victory. As a result of this dramatic series Optic will go on to play the loser of the New York Subliners or Minnesota Rokkr on Saturday the 22nd of August.

Day One Conclusion

Day one showed us two very different sides to the CDL Pro league this season. With the Paris Legion convincingly beating Seattle Surge to win 3-0 while Optic Gaming and the LA Guerrillas had one of the most dramatic series of the whole season going all the way to map 5. Day one has laid the ground works for what could become one of the most entertaining Call of Duty tournaments of all time.

Day two will start on the 20th of August 2020 at 20:00 BST and 15:00 EST and will be broadcast exclusively on Call of Duty’s official Youtube channel. If you want to read more about Call of Duty and the CDL then click here. Tell us in the comments below if you enjoyed day one of the Call of Duty World Championship Playoffs 2020.

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