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Call of Duty 2020 Playoffs Day Three Recap

Day three of CDL Playoffs

Day three of the Call of Duty League Playoffs is now complete. We saw two more teams begin their championship runs. The Chicago Huntsmen had their first match against the New York Subliners, and the Florida Mutineers played their first game against Toronto Ultra. Both teams would be looking to get off to a good start in their brackets, while New York and Toronto would want to keep their momentum going after victories on day two of playoffs.

Match One: New York Subliners vs Chicago Huntsmen

Going into this match is was predicted to be a closely contested affair, with both teams having close matches in the past. Map one was Ramaza hardpoint. New York would get off to a flying start and after just a few hardpoint rotations they had around a 70 point lead. Chicago would stabilise and stop the bleeding, but they would not recover fully from their poor start. In the end New York would win 250 to 168 in a dominating map one, giving them all the momentum going into the second map.

The search and destroy could not have been any more different to the hardpoint. Both teams would struggle to separate themselves from the other, with the game going all the way to a round 11. In the round 11 it was looking good for New York, they would manage to get the bomb down giving them an advantage early on. However, Arcitys would pick up four kills to secure the win for Huntsmen and save them from going 0-2 in the series. Instead levelling up the series at 1-1.

The domination would be played on Gunrunner, one of Huntsmens best maps. This map would once again be a tightly contested affair. The match would finish with just 4 points separating them. The Chicago Huntsmen would manage to hold on and take a 149 to 145 victory. This would therefore give them the 2-1 edge in the series and all the momentum going into map four. Hackney Yard hardpoint was up next. It continued in the same manor as the last two maps. Both teams would throw everything they had at one another and fight it out in an extremely close match. This time it would see New York finally come out on top, winning 250-231.

Map five would be St Petrograd, a favourite for the Huntsman. Unlike in the first search and destroy this map would not be close. New York would commonly get numbers advantage, however Chicago would then somehow find a way to win. Scump would have an old school performance that we haven’t seen all season, going 12-3 to help secure a 6-2 victory. It was a surprising end to such a closely contested series, but means that Chicago will play Atlanta Faze on the 22nd of August.

Match Two: Florida Mutineers vs Toronto Ultra

Toronto Ultra had beaten all three of the other top four teams at the last event. The Florida Mutineers where they only big name left for them to conquer and truly establish themselves as a contender. Map one would take place on Azhir Cave. Toronto would take an early lead over Florida, however the stream for the event would then cut out leaving everybody to wonder what the final score would be. It looked like it would be a convincing win for Toronto before the stream crashing. When the stream went live again we were shown the ending of the game which saw a tightly contested final few hills before Toronto winning 250 to 232.

Map two would take us to Piccadilly for search and destroy. This map would see the Florida Mutineers put in an impressive performance with every member performing well. On the side of Toronto, Methodz and Cammy would struggle to keep up with the Mutineers. This would reflect in the final score. Florida would dominate the map taking it 6-2.

Hackney Yard domination was played for map three. It would be the closest game between the two so far. Neither team was able to establish any control for a long amount of time. At the half there would be just a 10 point difference between the two rosters. The second half would see the two once again battle to try to establish a long period of control on the map. Neither side would be able to get a foothold on the map. It would eventually end in favour of Toronto, winning by just five points in a 161 to 156 game. This win would give Toronto the advantage in the series, putting them up 2-1.

Map four saw the two teams continue their battle on St Petrograd hardpoint. CleanX would get off to a hot start giving Toronto an early lead. Even when Florida got the early set ups on rotation it seemed very easy for Toronto to break through. As the game progress however, Frosty and Owakening would start to match CleanX performance and drag Florida back into contention. It then looked like it would be all over with Toronto rotating and getting to 245 points early on. However, Florida would manage to break in and put all the pressure on Toronto for the first time in the match. Florida would manage to get to 249 points but failed to rotate due to the next hardpoint. Toronto would then have the favourable spawns and close the match out 250 to 249. This map would put an end to the already dramatic series 3-1 in favour of Toronto, sending Florida down to the losers bracket. Toronto will now have to take on the Dallas Empire on day four of the CDL Playoffs.

Day Three Conclusions

Day three continued to provide dramatic matches for the spectators. The level of competition in the CDL is being showed off with just how closely contested all the matches have been so far at playoffs. From today we know that the Chicago Huntsmen will now play Atlanta Faze and the Toronto Ultra will take on the Dallas Empire on day four of the event. As for the Florida Mutineers and New York Subliners we have to wait to see who comes out on top in the losers bracket matches to see who they will face off against next.

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