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Congratulations to the LPL 2019 summer MVP and All-Pros

With the conclusion of the LPL 2019 summer split comes the announcement of the much anticipated MVP of the split and All-Pro teams.

For those who don’t know there are a total of 35 votes made up of media representatives and commentators. Each person votes for a first, second and third place MVP with the winner being the one who receives the most first place votes.

This year’s MVP award goes to TOP Esports superstar Mid laner Knight9. Knight9 received 27 first place votes making him by far the most voted first place candidate. Following Knight9 was Team FunPlus Phoenix’s Bot laner Lwx who received 17 second place votes. Finally Team FunPlus Phoenix’s Mid laner Doinb received 7 votes for third place.

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Congratulations to Knight9 who despite being only 19 years old had an amazing split earning 15 Match MVP’s and receiving a well deserved first place MVP vote. You can see why he is nicknamed “the golded left hand”.

Onto the All-Pro teams. Like the MVP votes there are three All-Pro teams with one player from each role making it onto the team.

The first All-Pro LPL summer split 2019 team is:

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iG TheShy is in the Top lane whith an incredible stat of 28 solo kills, the most of any player in the LPL this summer split.

FPX Tian is the All-Pro first team Jungler with a record 483 Gold difference at 15 minutes.

In the Midlane is TOP Knight9 with a monstorous 29.7% of his teams damage share showing just how deadly of a player this years LPL 2019 summer split MVP is.

FPX Lwx takes the Botlane spot in this years All-Pro team with the most kills per game of 6.4.

Finally the Support position is taken by RNG Ming who had very impressive stat of 1.73 wards placed per minute.

Well done to all those that made the first All-Pro team.

The second All-Pro LPL summer split 2019 team is:

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FPX GimGoon takes the Top lane spot in the second All-Pro team with a KDA of 5.8 the best KDA of any top laner in the LPL.

The jungle spot goes to BLG Meteor who had 322 damage per minute.

FPX Doinb took the Midlane in the second All-Pro team with the best KDA of any mid at 5.4.

RNG Uzi made the second All-Pro team with the second best Gold difference among the Botlaners with 381 Gold difference at 15 minutes.

FPX Crisp comes in as support with 11.1 assists per game the most of any support.

The third All-Pro LPL summer split 2019 team is:

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BLG ADD takes the Top lane spot with a damage share score of 26.5% which is very great for a top laner.

RNG Karsa earns the jungle spot with 3.5 kill participation at 15 minutes the third best of all junglers in the LPL.

RNG Xiaohu takes the Mid lane spot with an astonishing 71.9 kill participation the best of all mid laners in the LPL.

WE Mystic the korean Botlaner comes into the third All-Pro team with a deadly 609 Damage per minute beating out all other remaining bot laners in the LPL summer split.

Finally the veteran EDG Meiko takes the final All-Pro third teamspot with the second most kill participation of all supports with 75%.

Congratulations to all players that made the All-Pro LPL summer split 2019 teams. This split was one of the best LPL splits in History and it really showed with the amount of skill, aggression and strategy shown this split.

Next years LPL spring split will surely be stacked full of skill, talent and highlight plays so make sure to be on the lookout for our coverage of it on csnww. If you would like to read our previous article click here.

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