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csnww – (cybersport news worldwide) is looking for esports content writers. We can cover any esports discipline(we can’t pay anything at this moment-we do not earn anything at this moment). So basically you can write about any game which have esports community. Of course in the future, after site start getting net profit, it will be paid job. This volunteer position does not require any special skills.


  • Write articles (the amount depends on your skills and desires).
  • Write news (simple everyday news about your discipline).
  • Do other relate to your position staff.
  • Think, suggest, participate.


  • Age does not matter.
  • Your skills do not matter (we will teach).
  • Sadly, but you really need to know English, you must be able write, what you think.
  • Know something about esports and basically watch it.

We are giving chance for everyone, who wanna write about esports, work with us, apply for this position, and we will try our best.

P.S. Please write in cover letter, why you want work with us, how much time you can spend on this position and about which esports games you wanna write.

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