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Everything you need to know about European Masters

From August 17th to September 20th, the eyes of fans following Europe’s regional leagues will be set on the European Masters tournament. As the event starts, we answer your questions about its format and importancy in Europe.

What exactly is EM?

European Masters – Summer 2020 is the sixth edition of a semi-professional tournament organised by Riot Games. It gathers the best teams from regional leagues, for instance Polish Ultraliga, French LFL or Spanish Superliga. Don’t get misleaded by the “semi-” prefix; it is a great place for the rising stars of European arena to show their skills. It frequently results in spectacular teamfights on the way for the title and great individual outplays – one way or another, this is where the LEC players-to-be are usually found.

How does it affect professional play?

You don’t have to dig deep into EM’s history to find familiar names. In fact, only in the 2019 Summer EM finals did we have a chance to witness a few of the LEC’s later rookies: Carzzy (MAD Lions) and Labrov (Team Vitality) claimed the title with Berlin International Gaming, Razork (Misfits Gaming) on the other hand came as a runner-up with Vodafone Giants. Some other well-known names include: denyk (Misfits Gaming), Milica (Team Vitality), Shadow (MAD Lions) and Special (XL). This shows how much influence the direct performances in European Masters have; sometimes it’s just a matter of a few games to be picked up by one of the teams from LEC.

Who represents their regions this summer?

The 12 teams already divided into pools:
Poland (Ultraliga) – K1CK Neosurf & AGO Rogue
Spain (LVP SLO) – Movistar Riders & Vodafone Giants
France (LFL) – Misfits Premier & GamerOrigin
Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Prime League) – mousesports & Schalke Evolution
Italy (PG Nationals) – Morning Stars
Northern Europe (NLC) – Fnatic Rising
Balkans (EBL) – SuppUp eSports
Greece (GLL) – We Love Gaming
The remaining 4 teams will be determined after the play-in stage.

How does EM’s format work?

  • Group Stage
    • 16 teams participate
    • Teams are drawn into four groups depending on seeding
      • Each group is composed of one team of each pool
      • Groups cannot have more than one team from the same region
    • Double Round Robin
    • Matches are best of one
    • Top two teams from each group advance to the Knockout Stage
  • Knockout Stage
    • 8 teams participate
    • Single elimination bracket
    • Finals are best of five
    • All other matches are best of three

How does the schedule look?

The full group schedule will be posted after the play-in round (starting August 17th) is finished. From August 24th to September 12th, the 16 teams divided into 4 groups will compete in BO1 series. On the 15th and 16th September, the top two teams from each group will take part in the Quarterfinals, the winners moving on to Semifinals on September 19th. The Grand Final will take place on September 20th.

Where can I watch EM 2020?

Be sure to follow the regional Twitch streams: English, French, Spanish, Polish, German, Italian, Czech.

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