gla1ve returns to Astralis

Image: ESL

Just a few hours ahead of their opening match of EPL, the in-game leader was announced to make his return to the active roster. He’s slated to play his first game versus Complexity later today, replacing es3tag.

In May, gla1ve went on break due to mental health reasons, and has been off the Astralis roster ever since. Soon after Xyp9x would do the same, and the two were temporarily replaced by JUGi and Snappi. The two stand-ins were later let go from the roster, and instead es3tag and Bubzkji were brought on from Heroic and MAD Lions respectively. Both es3tag and Bubzkji have been stated as being equal status players on the team, and will remain part of the Astralis roster going forward.

There has been no comment on Xyp9x returning, and he’s not expected to play during this season of ESL Pro League. Unless he makes a surprise return during EPL, the earliest he could make a return given Astralis current schedule is DreamHack Open Fall, which will be the final event giving points towards the Regional Major Rankings. If Astralis play the tournament without Xyp9x, their points tally will be reduced to 1920, putting them in 8th place ahead of Fnatic.

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