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Meet BiBiAhn: MDL’s newest mix-team addition

Vivienne “BibiAhn” Quach is an Australian CS:GO player who has just joined Rooster 2, replacing smooth_criminal22. With this, she turned Rooster 2 into a gender-mixed team, and is only the second ever female player to play in the ESL Mountain Dew League. We had a chat with BibiAhn over how she got to this point and her future within the team.

Congratulations on joining Rooster 2! Can you just talk us through a bit of your history in the scene and how you got to this point?

It’s been just under 2 years since I’ve been in the competitive CS:GO scene. I started playing in early 2017, very much on and off as I also played League of Legends and Overwatch at that time. I spent a lot of time just playing FACEIT, not knowing much about esports and the competitive scene in general. Then in early 2019, I was scouted to play for Carnage by Artemis [a teammate]. I played with Carnage for a year, but due to how unrepresented the region is and the results we were getting, I ended up pondering a lot about my future, especially within the female competitive scene in Australia. If I wanted to continue a career in CS:GO, I had two options. One was playing a female team overseas, which I thought would be more achievable than the latter, and the second being playing a mixed team in Australia. I fortunately got an offer to play for Rooster 2 at a time where school was finishing up and I was ready to put in more time into CS. 

What are your expectations for the upcoming months with this team?

Like every team, I’d like to see results. But more importantly, I’d like to see the team perform and mesh well. This is the standard I expect, however setting a standard like this is also a risk; the standard I establish for myself sometimes can be absurdly high and thus incite a lot of pressure on myself, which can act as my downfall at times. It will definitely take time as I am just getting used to the team and the level of play, but I believe I can perform consistently at some point. 

By coming into MDL you are only the second female player of all time to play MDL. How does that feel?

To be honest, I don’t feel that it’s that special, the fact of ‘being a female’ doesn’t make it so either. Maybe it just hasn’t hit me yet, but I just like to think that as a player, by putting in the work and being dedicated to the game, I got to where I am, nothing more. I am just confident enough in my ability to improve as fast as I did coming into Carnage. Playing against tougher opponents, and having an experienced team that is so encouraging definitely helps.

What are your long term goals in esports?

As far as my CS career is concerned, I just want to prove myself to show that I can become consistent at this level of CS. On the other hand, I don’t see myself stepping outside the esports space for the next few or even several years so I’d like to settle in a role within esports for the future.

For any girls out there trying to get into esports, do your have any advice for them?

If you’re serious about playing competitively or venturing into an esports role, just don’t be intimidated by this ‘male dominated field.’ Naturally, you will encounter obstacles and prejudices more than usual, but your actions will speak for itself, just work hard and ensure that you have a goal in mind. It’s also important that you also do what’s best for you.

BiBiAhn has already made her debut with Rooster 2 in LPL and will also be playing in ESEA MDL Season 35. Currently 12th, in the league, with an 8th placing needed to proceed to the playoffs the team will be hoping for a strong finish to the group stage to finish the season on a strong note. The team’s main squad is currently 3rd in the group, with an unbeaten record.

A big thanks to @bibi_ahn (Twitter) for featuring in this interview. You can find my previous article, about HenryG joining Cloud9, here, and I can be found on Twitter at @quacke69.

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