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[PL2020] North American League Stage 2 | Losers’ Bracket – RECAP

Week 2 of NAL Stage 2 has been started with some losers’ bracket matches between Oxygen vs Disrupt and eUnited vs Soniqs.

North American League Stage 2 – Recap

After an amazing performance from week 1, NAL Stage 2 enters the 2nd weeks. Some losers’ bracket is being played by using BO3 formats.

Group A: Soniqs vs eUnited

For both Soniqs and eUnited, this match is one of the important matches to determine their next path for the winner group bracket. Soniqs, who’s been underdog on Stage 1, was struggling on the opening week after got beaten 2-0 by DarkZero, while eUnited showed an amazing performance after a bad season on Stage 1 where they gave closed-match against the winner Six Invitational 2019, SpaceStation Gaming (SSG), where they were lost 0-2.

Map picks were Oregon (Soniqs), Consulate (eUnited), and Villa (decider).

On the first map, eUnited really showed a strong team coordination. On the defending side, they won 5-1 while EU newest members, Rexen and Kenzen played big parts for them. On the other side, Soniqs overcame their attacker losing by winning some defending. But they’re not strong enough to comeback against eUnited. In the end, Oregon map was won easily by eUnited where they brought it for 7-4.

Different map, different performance, that’s what Soniqs was showing us. They reformed on the 2nd map which was Consulate and take a strong attacking side, while eUnited went struggling on their map pick. All went turn around on the second map and more close and crazy plays from both teams. But it only lasted until the 12 rounds, Soniqs couldn’t use their chance to finish the match and let EU found their momentum. EUnited itself went full throttle, done their comeback and close the map for 8-7 score line.

To sum up Group A: Losers’ Bracket, eUnited won 2-0 against Soniqs and went to Losers’ Final.

Group B: Oxygen vs Disrupt

This match was Oxygen turning point after a bad start on NAL Stage 2. Oxygen was one of the teams that qualify for mini-major that why many people couldn’t believe that they were lost on the opening day against Tempo Storm, while, Disrupt was underperforming against one of the top NA teams which is TSM.

Map picks were Theme Park (Oxygen), Villa (Disrupt), and Kafe (decider).

First map was dominated by Oxygen, after losing on attacking side, they overcame the deficit and comeback on defending and finish the map for 7-4. While on the second map, Disrupt turned the table by winning 7-5 to Oxygen in their own map pick and made the score level 1-1. On the deciding map, Oxygen couldn’t be stop, they flawlessly won 7-3 against Disrupt to close the match for 2-1 score.

Oxygen really showed a team effort by having ratings most of players over 1 with Laxing held the highest kills which was 29k and Slashug with the most plants which was 5 times. On the next bracket, Oxygen will wait for their opponent between Tempo Storm and TSM.

Don’t miss the next NAL Stage 2 matches! Mark the date.

Schedule – NAL Stage 2 | Winners’ Bracket

See you on the next playday.

Results – NAL Stage 2 | Losers’ Bracket
Group A – NAL Stage 2 | 2nd Week
Group B – NAL Stage 2 | 2nd Week

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