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[PRO LEAGUE] European League Stage 2 | Fixture 1 – RECAP

EUL Stage 2 just sign in with so many actions from each match, here are the quick summary.

European League Stage 2 – Fixture 1 Recap

Sure, the first fixture of EUL Stage 2 gave so much impression from Team Secret beating G2, Team Empire rises against Rogue, and flawless BDS.

Not A Dream Start for Rogue

Rogue keeps falling again on the opening week of EUL Stage 2 after they got beaten by G2 on the GSA Final, where they lose 7-2 against Team Empire on Consulate. Well, Empire regains their form after a bad season on Stage 1 and start a promising day for EUL Stage 2. Always.Empire became the MVP of the match with ratings over 1.70 and most K/D 11-7 (SiegeGG). Next playday, Rogue will go against Team Secret, while Empire vs BDS.

New Stage, Same Old NAVI

After several bad plays on stage 1, NAVI starts the stage 2 against Tempra and tied 6-6 against Tempra on Club House. They still can’t find their form after miserable plays on stage 1 where they didn’t even qualify to the EU mini major. Their best player, Doki, showed up again and found his best form and contributed for 15k, even-though it’s not enough to beat the Tempra side. For Tempra, it’s not a bad start for them to enter the stage 2 by having draw on a heart-pounding match. On the next playday, NAVI will go against Chaos Esports Club, while Tempra vs VP.

Vitality X Virtus-Pro

Vitality & Virtus-Pro keep their impressing performance on the EUL, with their lately consistent form each on their French and Russian Major, they drew 6-6 after giving a closed-match on Oregon.

Schedule – EUL Stage 2 | Fixture 2

BDS No Surprise

BDS shows the EUL who’s the king, they keep their dominance of EUL by winning against Chaos 7-3 on Oregon. BDS who’s recently won the EU mini-major after beating G2, extend their awesome performance with good team performance. Shaiiko once again, proved as one of the best entry fraggers in R6S after showing 1.28KD along with his teammate Brid who’s showing a perfect KOST (SiegeGG).

G2 Fallen Once Again

EUL x G2, once again not a good story. They keep failing to impress us, after creating a super team. In the stage 2 opening match, they lose 2-7 to Team Secret on Kafe Dostoyevsky, who was the bottom ranking on the EUL Stage 1. While for Secret, it’s a good entry for the season, after their inconsistent plays on Stage 1, they made some good transfer such as Sha77e for KS and Pacbull for Expo, and it works well for the team.


Here is the quick summary or recap for the first playday of EUL Stage 2. See you on the next playday.

Results – EUL Stage 2 | Fixture 1
Standings – EUL Stage 2 | Fixture 1

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