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Rocket League North America Week 5 Preview

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Big Rocket League Moments You May Have Missed

Season eight for the RCLS has turned everything that we’ve known about professional Rocket League on its head.  As we head into Rocket League North America week five, here is what you may have missed.

Two teams out of the “Big Three” were dethroned. Cloud9 (#7) and G2 (#5) are in the bottom half of the standings. The last team from the original “Big Three” is the undefeated NRG Esports (#1) with a record of 6 – 0. The Pittsburgh Knights (#2) trail in a close second at 4 – 2, who defeated both G2 and Cloud9.  

NRG will be the first seed in the finals. Pittsburgh Knights are guaranteed at least 4th place but have a 63.89% chance at 2nd place.

In the RLCS, the First and second place are guaranteed to be in the finals. Third through 6th place goes to regional championships, and 7th and 8th place go to the promotion playoffs.

What To Look Out For This Week in Rocket League North America Week Five

Rocket League North America week five will have multiple big matches. One of the biggest matches of the week will be Rouge (#8) versus Cloud9. This match will more than likely determine who will be in last place for the season. It will be a relatively close game as both teams average at a little over 1 goals per game. According to, out of 110 votes, 72.7% predict that Cloud9 will win. 

“Next week is huge for us to get to playoffs,” Cloud9 player Torment tweeted on Saturday. “gonna be grinding hard for it.”

Another big match to watch will be Spacestation Gaming versus Pittsburgh Knights. Both of the teams’ stats are almost all within a few points of each other. They both have 1.8 goals per game on average. Both teams’ save averages are within a couple of tenths. 

Last week, the Pittsburgh Knights fell to NRG. PK player Retals stated on Twitter that they lost “because of mistakes”.

Watch week five this weekend on Saturday starting at 2 PM Central Time at Later, check back here on CSNWW for more reports on Rocket League esports.

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