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ROSTERMANIA: Rating every confirmed roster so far

The inaugural season of the Call of Duty League has now finished. Going into the next season of the CDL it was announced that Call of Duty would return to 4v4, meaning that Rostermania was about to become extremely interesting. Each team had no choice but to remove at least 1 starting player from their roster. So far only 5 of the 10 teams have locked in their rosters for the 2021 season. Here are our ratings of these 5 rosters.

Dallas Empire: 5/5

Dallas Empire Roster: Crimsix, Illey, Huke, Shotzzy

Going into the 2021 season the Dallas Empire have managed to keep 4 out of their 5 Championship winning roster. Losing Clayster will always be a loss for the team because of the knowledge and experience he could provide. However, in this situation the Dallas Empire have managed to keep the most successful player in history and three of the top young talents in the CDL. Going into the 2021 season Dallas should pick up where they left off and continue to battle it out with the other teams at the top of the league.

Atlanta Faze: 5/5

Atlanta Faze Roster: Cellium, Simp, Abezy, Arcitys

Faze have had a successful Rostermania, managing to keep their 3 star players. The tiny terrors, Simp and Abezy, have stayed together for yet another year as a lethal sub duo. Cellium too has resigned with the organisation. This means that Faze have managed to keep 3 of the most talented players in the whole league. On top of this they then added one of the best AR players in the world, Arcitys. This roster is arguably the most individually talented roster in the whole of the CDL in 2021 and will definitely be one of the teams to beat.

Chicago Huntsmen: 4.5/5

Chicago Huntsmen Roster: Scump, Formal, Envoy, Dashy

Chicago is another team who had a strong Rostermania. They have managed to keep the main core of their roster, which proved to be a successful team winning 2 home series events in 2020. Adding Dashy to this line up should makes the roster one of the best in the league. The only reason this team does not get a 5/5 rating is because of the possible role clash between Formal and Dashy. Both players have played main AR throughout their career. However, it is likely Dashy will become the flex for the roster to get round this possible issue. If this roster gels well together and no internal team conflicts arise then Chicago will for sure be one of the top dogs in 2021.

Minnesotta Rokkr: 3/5

Minnesota Rokkr Roster: Priestahh, Attach, Majormaniak, Accuracy

On paper it looks like the Minnesota Rokkr have formed a strong roster. With all four players being top pros in recent titles. The additions of Priestahh and Attach is great for Rokkr, both providing a good sub presence on the map and regularly perform well against the toughest competition. Where the possible worry for this team lies is with Majormaniak and Accuracy. They both play a much slower AR role. Even though they play the AR role very differently from one another, this could still be an issue. If Cold War plays at a fast pace or has maps that are particularly fast paced, then having 2 of the 4 players playing the slower AR roles may cause this team to struggle against rosters like Faze or Dallas. As a result this team is rated 3/5, but has a lot of potential for 2021.

Seattle Surge: 2.5/5

Seattle Surge Roster: Octane, Prestinni, Loony, Gunless

This team looks like it could have some problems similar to last seasons Seattle Surge. Keeping Octane on the roster was important as he has proven over and over that he is one of if not the best AR in world, even when put on a underperforming roster like in 2020. On top of this, adding Gunless to the team to play alongside Octane gives this team a lot of firepower. However, it is with the sub players that the worry lies when looking at this roster. Loony has always been much more of a leader and support player. This means he is not going to be the one leading the way in terms of kills for this team. That job is going to fall to Prestinni. Prestinni has proven multiple times now that he can hang with the best in the world. But he has also proven to be very inconsistent. The success of this roster long term relies on if the subs can be consistent and match the best in the world.

Here are the ratings for all the confirmed rosters so far. Rostermania still has a lot of drama left to give us so expect some more interesting rosters to be formed in the next few weeks. Comment below your ratings of each roster and let us know your thoughts of Rostermania so far. If you want to read more about Call of Duty you can click here.

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