SKADE disqualified from ESEA MDL Season 35 over coach bug issue

Bulgarian squad SKADE, led by ex-Windigo and Epsilon player SPELLAN, were handed a heavy blow after their coach, pNshr, was banned by the ESIC over a case of abusing the notorious coach bug. The ban was relatively minor, having only used the bug for 6 rounds, being banned for 3.75 months.

However, because of this, ESEA have disqualified SKADE from the 35th season of the Mountain Dew League. The team had been making a strong run in the tournament, sitting in 4th place with a 6-2 record, spearheaded by strong individual performances from rainwaker and dennyslaw. With the ban, these results have been overturned.

The decision has received criticism from SKADE themselves, SPELLAN in particular, taking to social media in protest of the disqualification. Pointing to several other teams who used the bug in ESL and DreamHack events, yet have not been given the same punishments for the same violation. Some big names are included on the list, such as Ninjas in Pyjamas and Heroic.

According to SKADE, pNshr was not in any official server after receiving his ban, and the team was thus in compliance with the ESIC sanctions when playing versus Sprout, a game which resulted in a 16-10 victory for the Bulgarian side.

Since the announcement, ESEA have made no further comment.

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