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T1 heads to take legal actions against online harrasers

The current season proved hard for the Korean League of Legends team T1, both in terms of their in-game performance and the behavior of their followers. The wave of hate that had been following the organisation since the substitution of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok has reached its peak due to the recent loss in LCK play-offs.

T1 is the first LCK team to be out of play-offs. Their last devastating 1:2 loss against Afreeca Freecs means they now have to go through regional qualifiers in order to be able to secure a spot in Worlds 2020. Considering the qualifiers consist of 3 Best of Five series on each of the 3 days, it will be a bumpy road to the international tournament. However, what is more challenging in the whole situation, are the overflowing threats directed at T1 players.

One of the more distressing situations occured during Faker’s LoL stream; the player had been streaming in front of over forty thousand people when a donation message containing insulting words towards him and his grandmother popped up. It’s only a drop in the overwhelming ocean of hate speech and death threats that T1 has been receiving since the Summer Split.

T1’s Summer Split troubles

What is worth noting is that the first wave of hate reached T1 after the organisation had announced the substitution of Faker at the beginning of the Summer Split. Lee „Clozer” Ju-hyeon was the ultimate choice for the regular season and the hope to carry the team’s responsibility of performing well. Even though the young player stepped up to the mark and showed a great side of his play, fans were not happy with the actions taken by T1.

Following recent events, the Korean organisation decided to publish an official statement. Keeping their players and staff health and well-being in mind, T1 will eventually take legal actions against their Internet attackers.

A Message from T1 (via: T1 LoL)

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