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Takeaways from the CDL London home series

The winners of CDL London, the Dallas Empire

Last weekend saw the CDL London home series take place. Once again we got to see 8 of the best Call of Duty teams go head to head and compete to be crowned champions of London. Now that the event is over and we have seen the Dallas Empire crowned champions, we are able to look at the biggest takeaways from CDL London.

The Dallas Empire are back on top

This week was the first time we got to see the Dallas Empire back in action since CDL Paris having missed the CDL New York series. In the group stages they showed that they were still at the top of the game, beating the Paris Legion 3-1 before dismantling the New York Subliners 3-0. Dallas proved with this win over New York that they were to be considered one of the favourites for the event. From here Dallas did not slow down at all. They had a semi-finals match against the Florida Mutineers which saw Dallas come out the gates hot, winning by nearly 100 points in the hardpoint. Dallas showed no signs of slowing, going on to win 3-0 in the series and stopping Florida from winning 3 straight tournaments in a row. In the grand final Dallas had to play Paris Legion again. This match went very much the same as in the group stages, except this time Paris could not event take a map from Dallas. It is one of the more dominant finals we have seen all year, with Dallas winning by over 100 points in the hardpoint, before winning the search and destroy 6-1 and the domination 167-134. Dallas once again showed how devastating a force they can be, and this close to the World Championships is a good time for them to re-find their form.

New York Subliners home series win a fluke?

At the CDL New York home series the New York Subliners came out the event looking like a force to be reckoned with going forward. They won the event in convincing fashion. However, at the CDL London event New York did not make it out the group stages, with their only win being against the LA Guerrillas. They lost 3-0 to both the Dallas Empire and Paris Legion. It therefore brings into question whether their tournament win was a fluke as a result of the new meta. It was the first time we saw the new meta being played and since then teams have had more time to practice. It seems the early advantages that New York found disappeared and they are back to fighting to get out the groups instead of for tournaments. This was the last event they had to play in before the World Championship. Meaning we will not know if it was just a bad weekend in London, or if their win in New York was just a fluke until the World Championship.

Florida Mutineers show they are beatable

The Florida Mutineers had won the last 2 events they had played in before CDL London. On top of this they were the only team to have 3 title wins this season. So going into CDL London it was safe to say that Florida were the favourites to win. Then at the event we saw them show signs of weakness. They were taken all the way to a game 5 round 11 in their match up against LA Optic, before losing 3-2 to the London Royal Ravens. Despite this loss they managed to get to the semi-finals where they faced off against the Dallas Empire. They proceeded to lose in a quick 3-0 series and finishing only 3-4th at the event. This would be the first time in over a month that Florida have showed weakness. Since picking up Owakening they had not lost a match, winning 2 events back to back. They remain one of the best teams in the world and this close to the World Championship it would be detrimental for them to lose confidence in each other. It its more than likely just a one off event, only time can tell, but for now it will give confidence to their rivals who have seen the most successful team in the CDL so far show signs of weakness this late in the season.

Paris Legion finally show signs of life

Since the 3rd event of the CDL league the Paris Legion have been unable to get out the group stages of any event. However, this all changed at CDL London. Having not made any changes to their roster and sticking together despite poor results they finally showed signs of life. The weekend started poorly for the roster as they would lose 3-1 to the Dallas Empire, but from here they would beat the LA Guerrillas before surprising everyone and achieving a 3-0 win against the New York Subliners to finally make it out the groups. From here they would then pull off a game 5 win over the home team the London Royal Ravens. This meant that they made it to a grand final for the first time all season. They fell short in the final being dominated by the Dallas Empire once again. However, for Paris this weekend can be viewed as an absolute victory. They finally showed that they are able to compete against the other teams and got enough points to lift themselves into 8th in the league. The team needed this turn around in form as they had showed zero signs of life for weeks, with many calling for them to make a roster change if they ever wanted to get out the groups again. We do not get to see Paris play again until the World Championship now, but after a good placing here in London the roster should be confident that they can cause a few upsets at the most important event of the year.

Here are our biggest takeaways from the CDL London home series. Comment below if their are any takeaways you got from the event that we have not listed and if you want to see out takeways from the CDL New York home series then click here.

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