The Complexity CSGO Rebuild

Complexity Gaming have competed in CSGO since the beginning of its esports scene. However, the organisation has never placed higher than 4th place at any tier 1 event. After a run of poor performances throughout 2018 and 2019 their CEO Jason Lake could not take it anymore and on August 25th he tweeted out offering tier 1 players a fresh start and was willing to pay their buyout fees and provide them with some of the world’s highest salaries, finishing his tweet off with “Let’s build a juggernaut” . It was not long until they had confirmed their new roster moving forward and by November 2019 it was confirmed the team would consist of RUSH, k0nfig, poison, oBo and BlameF. They had been given the task of bringing Complexity to new heights with CSGO and finally push them to the top of the scene.

Image taken from HLTV.org

In December 2019, the team was ranked 67th in the HLTV official rankings, the 3rd lowest in the organisations history. Then in early 2020 the team achieved consistent good placings at events, with multiple top 4 placings at Dreamhack minors, a top 6 placing at the BLAST Premier series in January, as well as qualifying for the ESL Road to Rio. On top of this the roster picked up multiple impressive victories over the likes of Astralis, Vitality, MIBR and BIG Clan. This saw the roster climb up into the top 15 of the HLTV rankings by March. 

A dip in form throughout April and early May saw the team begin to slide back down the rankings to 26th. During this time period they had poor results at the ESL Pro League Season 11 only managing to achieve a 10-12th placing. On top of this they then bombed out the ESL One Road to Rio, only placing 13-14th. However, even with these poor results they had close series against the likes of Australis, Navi and Vitality only losing 2-1 on map count, showing that the team still had the ability to compete with the world’s best.

The team quickly got to work in May after a poor April in order to try and work through their poor results and continued to compete in some tier 2 events. The Home Sweet Home Cups saw them win 4 out of 5 events in a row picking up the Home Sweet Home Cup 3, 4, 6 and 7. On top of this they competed in the tier 1 event DreamHack Masters Spring. Complexity were quick to get out their group, however only managed a 9-12th placement having fallen to Fnatic, who at the time was the 3rd highest ranked team in the world. Despite this poor placing at DreamHack masters, the impressive tier 2 event victories as well as wins over the likes of Mousesports and MAD Lions saw them climb back into the top 20 of HLTV’s world rankings by late May and early June.

Going into the BLAST Premier Spring 2020 event Complexity were not in the talks for which of the teams competing could realistically win the event. With the likes of Navi and G2 being the favorites. However, Complexity would go on to do the seemingly impossible, they managed to beat OG, Navi and Faze on their way to the grand final before defeating Vitality 2-1 in the final to take home the $335,000 prize money. The organisations first tier 1 event win. The victory brought Jason Lake to tears as he finally achieved his goal of winning a top tiered event in CSGO. The victory put the team at its highest ever world ranking of 10th in the world.

Over the last 3 months before picking up the event win, Complexity’s players showed just how much they wanted to improve through their grind. This is the real secret to this roster’s success together. They played 109 maps resulting in over 2935 rounds played in competitive tournament play, on top of any scrims and 10-man lobbies they participated in. Comparing this to the current top ranked team in the world G2 who only played 71 maps resulting in 1876 rounds played. The Complexity line up has really pushed itself since forming to become one of CSGO’s top contenders. Outside a small dip in form the team has continued to improve.

Only time will tell if this squad can continue to improve and move further up the top 10 rankings, or if this event and current world ranking is the peak of their abilities. However, even if this is the case, the roster has still managed to bring Complexity their highest ever world ranking and first ever tier 1 event win. Therefore, the future is looking good for Complexity, and although they have not become a juggernaut yet, but are on the right path to make it a realistic possibility.

All images and information taken from HLTV.org

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