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The first Teamfight Tactics Champion is here!

The first-ever Teamfight Tactics Championship has ended! The Champion title goes to KC Double61, a 16-year-old prodigy from France.

KC Double61 was the best in the group of sixteen players competing in the last stage of the TFT Championship.

KC Double61Lev D TrotskijShoemakerITZ Slooper
SLY VoltariuxjuanziAlphagobobae
The full list of the Teamfight Tactics Championship competitors

The first 8 players in the table were the ones competing in the Grand Final of the Championship. The second day of the tournament belonged to the 16-year-old, who won 3 consecutive games. He showed a great variety in his teamcomps, winning each one with a different set of champions. The ultimate one came down to a classic Star Guardian composition and granted him the World Champion title in TFT.

With the Teamfights Tactics: Galaxies set slowly coming to a close, the event will still carry on for an additional day. The third and last day of the TFT Championship will not cover any competitive matches, though – it is devoted solely to a TFT: Fates showcase. The newest set is going to be released in one of the upcoming patches and will consist of champions such as Lee Sin, Nidalee or Katarina. Having the best of the best show us what Fates can bring will surely be thrilling.

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