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The four teams already qualified for the Worlds 2019 tournament

This year’s League of Legends World Championship, the premier esports tournament by Riot Games, is coming to Europe and will feature the best teams from all over the globe. The different regions competing at the Worlds 2019 tournament are now running playoff tournaments to decide which teams will be representing their region. However four teams have already been guaranteed a spot at the League of Legends World Championship.

Two teams from North America, one team from Europe and one team from Korea are already qualified for the event and are now playing in their respective regions to decide whether they will be sent as the 1st or 2nd seed.

Those teams are:

Team Liquid (NA)

Cloud9 (NA)

G2 Esports (EU)

Griffin (KR)

What can we expect from the teams already qualified?

Well with G2 Esports being present you can surely expect a bloodbath in the games they play in as their explosive and their seemingly infinite champion pool creates wild games. Fans can be sure to watch exciting games when they play.

Fans can also expect to see exciting games from Griffin as they barely missed out on qualifying for Worlds 2018 and will be hungry to prove to the international audience just how good they are. Two players to keep your eye on from this roster will be their star mid laner and the newest member of the team Doran.

From the two NA teams fans can expect two teams who will be looking to prove everyone wrong and show that NA can compete on the international stage and isn’t the “4fun” region they have been nicknamed. Lets hope we see less Taric and Sona botlane which Team Liquid love to put their botlane. One notable thing to mention is that this is the first year that Cloud9 has qualified for worlds without going through the gauntlet so well played to them.

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