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The LCK Summer split champions are…

Today Griffin went head to head with SKT T1 in a rematch of the Spring split finals to decide who are the LCK Summer split Champions. The winner of the LCK Summer split also cements their position as the first seed from the LCK.

The LCK Summer split Champions are SKT winning the series 3 – 1

Game 1

Game 1 starts off with Griffin drafting a mid to late game team that wants to scale and win team fights but they threw in a Mordekaiser top which is Dorans second most played champion in SoloQ. SKT however drafts a great early game team which can accelerate the mid game and take it over. SKT also pick Renekton for Faker instead of putting it Top Lane and pairing it with the Elise making that classic combo. For some reason SKT picked Ezreal over Kai’sa which would fit their team comp nicely giving them more backline access and another carry. But despite that SKT has a great draft to take over the game and deny Griffin a lot in the early to mid.

Faker secures first blood at 5 minutes as Clid ganks mid. They then pulled of a second gank and secured drake and a Herald a few minutes later that setup SKT for a comfortable mid game. However SKT struggle to crack Griffins defences as any play they try to setup and execute is stopped in its tracks. But SKT secured a third dragon and a second infernal by 22 minutes. SKT had complete control of mid game and dominated the vision game.

SKT entered the late game with half an item to a whole item up versus their opponents with four drakes and complete Baron control. Tarzan had only 156 damage at 32 minutes in the game.

SKT took a fight around baron after they counter engaged Griffin who missed Sejuani ult securing four kills and ending the game putting the series at 1 – 0 in a deathless game.

LCK Stream

Game 2

This games draft is rather standard of the LCK with both teams taking Tahm kench and Braum. Griffin opted for a team with a potential to get picks in the Ashe and Elise. SKT picks a more slow and steady team with great side lanes and good dive with the potential for 1-3-1 later in the game. Griffins team comp is much more focused on picks, mid game control and is great in team fights.

The game started off slow with a few ganks and trades but neither side gained an advantage until Griffin secured the mountain drake at 8 minutes. The gold was dead even at 10 minutes but Griffins team comp is in a better position as their team can dictate the pace of the game a bit better as they have earlier item spikes and very powerful ultimates on their side. However SKT secured first blood in the top lane at 11:24 giving Khan first blood and a TP advantage. SKT then secured the second drake of the game. Griffin secured the Rift Herald at 18 minutes in the game and used it to secure the first tower of the game in mid.

The mid game is very slow which put SKT in an advantage as Griffin had a team comp which tapers off as Akali and Camille become too strong for Griffin to deal with. SKT is also the only team picking up kills on the map and solidified their lead by picking up baron after winning a skirmish at 26 minutes.

SKT entered the late game cracking a mid inhibitor turret and securing the ocean drake at 29 minutes denying the spawn of the elder drake which would put Griffin back into the game. Griffin starts baron and it gets stolen by Effort with a Braum ult whilst Khan backdoors the base through bottom lane putting the series at 2 – 0.

Game 3

The draft starts off with Ezreal, Akali, Elise and Sejuani all being picked for a third time. Aatrox slips through the ban phase and is picked up by SKT and met with a Jayce pick by Griffin. SKT does the usual and picks the LCK’s favourite support in the Braum which is paired with a Lucian to put together the classic deadly duo. Griffin rounds out their comp with Renekton in the mid and Shen at support which was one our predicted Worlds 2019 picks and one of Lehends comfort picks.

LCK Stream
LCK Stream

The game starts off quick as Lehends and Doran both burn flashes to escape SKT at two different parts of the map whilst only one flash on Clid is burned. Tarzan then invades Clid’s topside jungle at level 3 and gets first blood. SKT then mitigates the advantage as they win a skirmish getting 2 kills but then Clid comes back and dies again to Doran who camped the pixel brush waiting for Clid to come take Rift scuttle. This game started off with much more action then the previous two games. Griffin secured the first drake of the game at 8 minutes. Griffin has complete control of this early game and were very proactive in gaining their leads tower diving Khan twice.

Griffin entered the mid game with a two drake and 3k gold lead over SKT. SKT lost the fight for the infernal losing the drake, a kill and pressure on the map. Griffin is in full control of the mid game which is the complete opposite of the last two games. Griffin gets the baron at 25 minutes but loses the fight that follows losing two members of the team.

The late game was a game of posturing and close calls but Griffin and SKT had a team fight in mid which is ultimately lost by SKT and Griffin pick up their first win putting this series at 2 – 1. This game was certainly the Tarzan show.

Game 4

Game 4’s draft is very standard SKT pick up Akali again and secure the lovers duo. Griffin takes Aatrox and pick Kai’sa and Volibear as their response to the bot lane with Volibear being their answer to Rakan due to the way Volibear e counter him. SKT rounds out their comp with Trundle and Azir whilst Griffin round out their comp with Sejuani and Jayce. Griffins draft is going to be quite difficult to play as Akali can play incredibly safe on blue side making it hard for Sejuani to gank her. Azir will almost always have control of the Mid so the Aatrox has to concede the pressure giving SKT control over both rivers allowing their strong bot lane to play proactive. SKT’s comp is just a ticking time bomb and can just relax with pressure being on Griffin to get a lead as they will just scale and run them down.

Fun fact Azir is now Fakers most played champion in his career.

SKT secure first blood of the game with a fantastic pillar by Clid onto Doran at 8 minutes into the game. SKT has complete control of this early game with every lane in the lead and Clid has complete control of the rivers. The first drake of the game is taken by SKT and its a infernal drake which is just so devastating for SKT as their team comp just gets a huge boost by it. SKT is just getting so many wins on the map in the early game which they shouldn’t be as they are a scaling team and the quicker they hit their strong points the quicker they end the game. Griffin is heavily suffering from their bad draft this game.

SKT secures Rift herald and wins the following fight 4 kills to 1 at 15 minutes into the game. SKT are not only ahead in game but also just completely ahead mentally compared to the players of Griffin. SKT is also getting lucky with the RNG this game as another infernal dragon spawned. SKT wins the fight for drake in this explosive game with 3 kills to 1 getting double infernal and putting another nail in the coffin of this series. SKT is 5.5k gold ahead at 17 minutes. Griffin weren’t completely defeated as they got a pick onto Clid. They are playing their comp like a pick comp which isn’t very standard of these champions who want to take these explosive skirmishes in the mid game.

Any time Griffin get themselves a kill or advantage SKT just completely mitigates and takes everything right back into their favour. SKT secured baron at 22 minutes into the game. They then get themselves a third infernal drake. SKT pick up the first inhibitor in the bottom lane at 24 minutes.

SKT slowly choked out Griffin taking the top side inhibitor without baron buff as they are so incredibly ahead. SKT gets inhibitor number 3 at 28 minutes. SKT just obliterates them winning the series 3 – 1.

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