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Top 10 Players to NEVER win the Call of Duty World Championship

Since 2013 Call of Duty has crowned 7 World Championship rosters and 22 different players. With the 2020 World Championship just a week away now, we thought it would be a good time to look back at the 10 best players to never be crowned World Champion.

10. Daniel “Loony” Loza

Loony Playing for Rise Nation

Loony has been a household name in Call of Duty since Advanced Warfare. Despite multiple major tournament wins since then, he has always come up short at the biggest event of the year. Loony has been viewed as a top talent throughout his career, and during the WW2 season it looked as if it was finally going to be his time to win the World Championship. Winning 3 major events that year, Rise Nation went into the World Championship as one of the favourites. However they wouldn’t even match Loony’s best placement of 4th, only managing to get top 16. It is now unlikely we will ever see Loony win a World Championship at this point. He is missing the 2020 event due to being benched and it seems unlikely that any top teams will be looking to sign him going into the 2021 season.

9. Will “BigTymeR” Johnson

BigTymeR competing for Optic Gaming

BigTymeR is a legendary Call of Duty player. Having competed from 2009 until 2014 he won multiple major events for Optic Gaming, including Call of Duty XP in 2011. At the time this was the biggest event in Call of Duty history and would set the ground works for what would become the Call of Duty World Championship. Unfortunately for BigTymeR the World Championship was only introduced towards the end of his career, meaning he would only compete at it once, placing 3rd with Optic. If BigTymeR could of played in a World Championship during his prime there is no doubt for many he would of won the event, with Call of Duty XP and his 13 major tournament wins providing good evidence for the claims.

8. Josiah “Slacked” Berry

Slacked competing for Luminosity Gaming

Slacked has been at the top of Call of Duty since 2015, having one at least one major title in every game since Advanced Warfare. However, he has never managed to win the World Championship, with 3rd being his best placement. Slacked has teamed with multiple Call of Duty World Championships throughout his career including FormaL and John, yet the biggest event in Call of Duty still remains one he has yet achieved. It looks unlikely that 2020 will be his year either, with the Seattle Surge performing terribly throughout the season. However, Slacked always seems to find a way to win, so maybe in the future he will finally win a World Championship.

7. Raymond “Rambo” Lussier

Rambo as head coach for the Dallas Empire

Rambo is another legendary Call of Duty player who spent the majority of his career competing before the World Championships started. He did however compete at two of the World Championships before his retirement in 2014. At both events he fell short in the final, coming 2nd two years in a row. Rambo is very similar to BigTymeR, if the World Championships had started running sooner he too would most likely be a World Champion. However unlike BigTymeR, Rambo could find himself winning the 2020 World Championship, just not as a player. He is the current head coach for the Dallas Empire who are one of the favourites for the upcoming event.

6. Joe “Merk” DeLuca

Merk as part of the broadcast talent for the CWL

Merk was once one of the top talents in the Call of Duty scene, winning multiple events over his 6 years as a professional. However, despite coming close on a couple of occasions including a 3rd place in 2013 and 2nd place in 2014 he was never able to win a World Championship. He did however win Call of Duty XP in 2011 alongside BigTymeR. Having established himself as one of the great in the scene it is a shame that he could never take home at least one World Championship to top of his great career.

5. Ian “Enable” Wyatt

Enable for the Seattle Surge

Enable is often a player that sneaks under everyone’s radar, however he is one of the most talented players in the game. A multi-game champion having won a major in both Call of Duty and Halo, Enable is part of an elite club. However, he has not won the World Championship in either title. He has come close on multiple occasions, finishing 3rd in 2015, It would then take until 2018 finishing 2nd to beat his personal best, before then placing 2nd again in 2019. Enable has consistently found himself on top rosters with World Champion winning teammates like Apathy, Slasher, Karma, Clayster and Attach. 2020 it looks unlikely that he will beat his previous best at the event and finally win. Maybe in the future Enable will finally secure himself that 1st place and be crowned World Champion.

4. Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag

Nadeshot competing for Optic Gaming

Nadeshot is arguable the most famous Call of Duty player of all time. On top of that he is also one of the most talented players of all time as well, having won multiple major tournaments including Call of Duty XP and an X-Games gold medal. On top of this he was in the first iteration of the Optic Gaming Dynasty. Despite this he has never won a World Championship, in fact he has never even made the final of the event with his best placing being 3rd. On top of this his own Call of Duty team, 100 Thieves, also failed to win the event placing 2nd in 2019. With the CDL becoming franchised and Nadeshot choosing not to buy in, it looks like he won’t be winning the World Championship as a player or as a team owner.

3. Peirce “Gunless” Hillman

Gunless competing for Rise Nation

For many Gunless has been considered one of the best in the world since arriving on the scene in 2017. He has consistently found his way onto some of the best rosters in the world and has racked up many major title victories. However, he has not come close to winning a World Championship. His best placement at the event happened to be his first in 2017 when he got 5-6th, since then he has placed top 16 at both the 2018 and 2019 World Championships. It was especially a shock in 2018 when he was on arguable the best roster in the world at the time with Rise Nation. Gunless won’t be at the 2020 World Championships either. He has time left in his career and the talent to go with it that it is surely only a matter of time before Gunless manages to become World Champion.

2. Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparatto

ZooMaa winning for Faze Clan

ZooMaa is one of the Call of Duty greats, having become a consistent winner since 2014 since exploding onto the scene with Denial esports. Despite being one of the best players to ever grace Call of Duty, ZooMaa is yet to win a World Championship. The closest he has come is a 3rd place finish in 2018. It doesn’t look to hopeful for him either in 2020, with many rosters looking far more competitive than his New York Subliners. However, the roster did when a their Home Series event and have proved they can beat the best, so maybe 2020 could finally be ZooMaa’s year and top off his already legendary career.

1. Sam “Octane” Larew

Octane competing for Luminosity Gaming

Octane has been viewed as one of best players in the world since Black Ops 3. He is also one of a few players that have managed to win a major title in every Call of Duty since Black Ops 3. However, despite this he has never managed to win the World Championship. His best placing at the event came in 2019 with his 100 Thieves roster that managed to place 2nd. It is unlikely that he wins the World Championship in 2020, however Octane does not seem to be slowing down. Despite his teams poor performances he is still viewed as one of if not the best AR player in the game so its only a matter of time before he is back on top of the Call of Duty scene.

Here are our top 10 players who have never been crowned World Champion. Comment below to tell us if you agree with our choices, or who you would of picked instead. Also if you want to read more to do with Call of Duty then click here

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