TOP 3 Fortnite Scandals

Lifetime bans, Legal Standoffs, and Cheating – A lot of drama has happened in the world of Fortnite over the past few years. Let’s take a look at three of the biggest scandals in the history of one of the world’s most popular battle royal games. 

Jarvis Lifetime Ban 

Popular Fortnite Youtuber Faze Jarvis was issued a lifetime ban by the game developer Epic Games after he posted videos of him playing matches of the most popular battle royale game by using a hugely popular cheat called as aimbot. Aimbots are illegal tools that allow players to autofocus their weapon on other players thereby making it easier to score more points.

Jarvis aged 18,  wanted to have some fun and he already foreshadowed in the now-deleted video that he would be banned. But apparently he wasn’t prepared from the wave of drama that followed after this incident. He was banned from playing the game and was also prohibited from using any Fortnite videos in the near future.

Jarvis then posted a teary video on youtube apologizing to his supporters and fans of Fortnite for his actions.

Tfue Legal Standoff with Faze Clan

Tfue Tenney, shocked the fans of the esports community when he filed a suit against the gaming company Faze Clan. Tfue accused the company of not paying the money that he’s owed from sponsorships. However, the company denied all his accusations and explained they have never taken any of his money. This soon led to a movement and all of the social media were flooded with this hashtag #releasethecontract in May 2019. Tfue also posted a video on youtube asking the company to release the contract. A Month later both the parties filed a lawsuit against each other and the results are still in the open.

Cheater’s Qualifying to the World Cup 

Week’s before the world cup in 2019,  two players called XXiF and Ronaldo were caught cheating during the qualifiers. They apparently made illegal contacts with other players who let themselves be killed intentionally so that the duo could get more points. Epic Games banned the duo for two weeks and after two weeks the duo was allowed to participate in the qualifying rounds and nonetheless, they qualified for the world cup.

This triggered massive outrage among fans of Fortnite. Popular Twitch Streamer  Benjamin Dr. Ludo called it a “Kick in the junk to the integrity of Fortnite community”.


Cheating in online multiplayer games is nothing new. Developers of MMORPGs and MOBAs have been addressing macros and bots for years. However, the explosion of the eSports industry and streaming communities has brought cheating and fairness in competitive video games into the limelight. Now it’s up to the developer of Fortnite to make sure the game remains safe for playing for over a long period of time.

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