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Top 4 teams to look forward to in Worlds 2020

Which players you can expect to carry their teams? Which teams have the best chances of winning, what is the meta and how will it impact world’s competitive scene. Here is everything you need to know.

The League of Legends World Championship is the culmination of every league season, with this one being the most contested and exciting championship, that we’ve all been craving for for years. After 2 years of China being back to back champion putting an end to the Korean dynasty, every region is looking to push China off the throne. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak this year’s MSI was cancelled and everyone’s been looking forward to this year’s World’s – an open-ended clash between equally strong teams, from the top regions.

The meta and picks to look forward to

Throughout the season, players and teams came up with new and interesting strategies to play the game and with the introduction of Sett. He’s been a stable and flexible pick for top, mid, jungle and support roles.

Bot lane

In the bot lane we won’t see much changes from summer. With the exception of Caitlyn being off the table due to her nerf in world’s patch targeting her damage. We can expect Ashe Senna and Jhin to remain the go to adcs through out the tournament.

For the support role we will see champions that can peel for their carries and engage. Picks like Phanteon, Thresh, Rakan and Alistar all being suitable for the task.

Mid lane

In the mid lane we will probably see Lucian being a strong pick into a lot of the control mages. But even in his pressence picks like Oriana and Shyndra will stay.

Top lane

On top lane Ornn will be a solid pick. Because Ornn enables his team later on with his upgrades and still offers great engage and beefy frontline. Camille, Volibear and Renekton are the other picks that will be highly contested.


The jungle is definitely the most exciting role in this patch. Because the meta screams one thing and that is aggression. With picks like Nidalee, Graves, Lee Sin and Evelynn we will definitely see some insane plays.

Tournament’s favorites

1.Top Esports – China’s strongest team

After their rebrand from Topsports (TOP) to TopEsports (TES) in 2019 summer split and with their newly assembled roster. With JackeyLove an ex-world champion (IG 2018) and Karsa a veteran with a lot of Worlds experience. Placing 1st with this new roster in the LPL’s summer split Top Esports look stronger than ever and are definitely the favorites, coming into the tournament.

2.Damwon Gaming – Korea’s underdogs

Image of DAMWON's roster

Even with their average performance last year and during LCK’s spring split of 2020 placing 5th they definitely proved themselves placing 1st in the summer split finishing their series with a 16-2 record. Showing up with the same roster as last year’s we can definitely see the improvement of the team, reminding us that you shouldn’t underestimate any team from the LCK. Coming into Worlds we can expect them to show perfect drafts, gaining leads though lane dominance and superior objective control.

3.Gen.G – Korea’s Dark Horse

Gen.G even though they finished third in the summer split they performed quite formidable with a solid 14-4 record to their name. The interesting thing of this team is  definitely the roster that looks like the best mix of all top Korean players like Clid (SKT T1),  Bdd(KT Rolster), and Rascal (DragonX). Lets not forget that Gen.G was the team who eliminated SKT T1 in the LCK regional finals. In other words this team has a huge potential that has yet to shine on an international stage.

4.G2 Esports – Europe’s hope

After their loss at World’s last year they stayed strong and showed promising results during the LEC spring split of 2020 dominating the competition and finishing in first place. That didn’t repeat in the summer split even with them placing first again G2’s roster didn’t show the same consistency as in spring. The reasons behind such change could be because the father of G2’s captain – Perkz passed away from cancer, hitting Perkz mentally and stopping him from performing at his best. But with all their ups and downs we can expect G2 to be Europe’s dominant team coming into Worlds 2020, with all our eyes on Caps being the main carry of the team.

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