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TOP 5 MUST watch Call of Duty esport matches

The Call of Duty esports scene has been around for over a decade now. In that time many matches have taken place, giving us some of the greatest Call of Duty matches of all time. Here is a list of the top 5 matches that every Call of Duty fan must watch.

5. Call of Duty Championship 2013 Grand Final: Fariko Impact vs Envyus

The first ever Call of Duty world championship grand final took place all the way back in 2013. It saw the favourites Fariko Impact fight back against Team Envyus in a thriller that went all the way to the final map. This match had all the drama needed to give Call of Duty a memorable first ever World Championship and is a must watch.

4. MLG X-Games 2014: Optic Gaming vs Evil Geniuses

All games can be found on the Call of Duty Leagues youtube

This match saw two esport giants go to a game 4 in yet another close game between the two rosters. This time Optic would finally come out on top against the EG/Complexity dynasty roster, winning 3-1. This match also features the legendary Proofy 4 piece in the SnD. The game has drama throughout and it is a necessity for all Call of Duty fans to watch.

3. CWL Pro League Stage 1 Playoffs 2018|Grand Finals: Optic Gaming vs Faze Clan

This match quite literally killed off the Legendary Optic Gaming dynasty roster. Both teams had struggle for most the WW2 season and yet completed runs to get to the grand final of the Stage 1 Playoffs. This match sees some crazy solo plays on the side of Faze as they manage to complete the near impossible. Faze successfully took two best of fives off Optic. Both series are a much watch, not only for the amazing gameplay, but the impact this game left on the whole Call of Duty esports scene.

2. Fall Invitational Grand Finals: Optic Gaming vs Complexity

All five games can be found on the Call of Duty Leagues youtube

This match takes us all the way back to black ops 2. The original Complexity dynasty roster takes on one of Optics legendary rosters. The match up was close as always. In the game 5 however, Optic quickly went up 5-0 in the lead and needed just one round to win. What follows is one of, if not the greatest comeback in COD esports history. Complexity would battle back against all odds to win 6-5 and take the event. Its a must watch for any die hard Call of Duty fan.

1. CWL Championship 2017 Grand Finals: Team Envyus vs Optic Gaming

This match is a must watch for any Call of Duty fan. It sees the greatest Call of Duty roster of all time, Optic Gaming, finally cement their legacy by beating the defending World Champions, Team Envyus. The world championship was the one event the Optic Dynasty had not won together, and in 2017 it looked like they had fallen short yet again. Needing two best of fives against their old rivals, Team Envyus, was not going to be easy. However, in the most dramatic World Championship finals of all time, Optic would manage to finally win a World Championship. For any Call of Duty fan this is a must watch, seeing the most historic teams in Call of Duty battling it out for the World Championship in a thrilling two series match.

So here is our Top 5 must watch Call of Duty matches. Tell us in the comments what you think of the matches, as well as your personal Top 5 matches in Call of Duty history. If you want to read more about Call of Duty then click here, or if you wish to check out more articles from the world of esports then click here.

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