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CSNWW’s Worlds 2019 Picks to watch

With the League of Legends 2019 World Championship just around the corner CSNWW put together its Pick to watch. For those that don’t know what ‘Picks to watch’ are, its a list of Champions that viewers could see in the upcoming tournament. This article will contain the Official CSNWW Worlds 2019 Picks to watch.

Worlds 2019 will be played on patch 9.19, the current patch when this article was written is patch 9.17 so in this list expect to see some possible staple meta picks as well as some speculative picks as things may change drastically in the upcoming patches. A full rundown of the Worlds 2019 patch will be written as its released.

Here is the official CSNWW list of Picks to watch for this years League of Legends World Championship.

Dr. Mundo (Jungle)

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Dr Mundo starts off our list of the Worlds 2019 picks to watch. The blue tongued tank received some buffs in patch 9.16 making him even better than before. Mundo has flown under the radar for some time but that does not mean he isn’t strong. Mundo with conqueror offers a great skirmisher and tank for any team. He doesn’t need many items to get going and with Red smite and Cinderhulk this Purple beast will duel who he pleases. Mundo does well into magic damage dealers which are prevalent in the current meta and will give them a problem if they try to fight him.

However there are some Cons to playing Mundo and that is that Grievous wounds is his worst enemy which will cut down a lot of his healing and also he doesn’t have any way to jump over terrain which makes him reliant on blast cones to do creative pathing or to escape/initiate over walls.

Syndra (Mid)

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Syndra is next on our list. Syndra received some hefty buffs in patch 9.16 which will certainly put her back on the map. Her buffs make it easier for her to take down carries. Pair her with one of the dueling/Skirmish junglers that we see in this meta and any team will have a formidable duo that will easily control the map. We could even see some Syndra in the bottom lane which G2’s bot laner Perkz has shown before.

Like many mids Syndra really benefits from the blue buff and if she is denied it by the enemy team it will dent her wave clear and impact on the map giving the other team a significant edge.

Shen (Top and Support)

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The ninja tank Shen is next on the list. Like the two previous champions Shen did receive some buffs but this is not why he made the list. The current meta sees picks like Rakan, Jarvan IV and Akali who have to get into the face of the enemy to pull of a big play. Shen is a natural boon to these Champions as he can follow up their engage with his ultimate allowing his team mates more safety and putting him into the middle of the fight ready to taunt the enemy backline. We could see Shen as a flex pick between Top and Support depending on the matchup as he works well in both roles and is a favoured pick for Griffin’s support Lehends.

However Shen can get bullied by the likes of Karma and Aatrox and is a favourable matchup for Gangplank. These champions are the staple picks in the meta right now and all excel versus Shen. Sylas another meta champion could even steal Shen’s ult negating his team potential with the pick.

Kled (Top)

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Kled is another potential pick at this Worlds. The Crazy yordle saw play by Cloud 9’s top laner Licorice in the LCS play offs and finals. Kled is great into champions like Aatrox and Akali as he can cut their sustain due to his Q inflicting Grievous wounds and can duel with them too. Kled is also great as he offers some solid engage into a fight and can follow up with his team mates if they are skirmishing nearby. With conqueror being as strong as it is Kled will certainly be a pick that could see a lot of play at this years World Championship.

A drawback to Kled is that if he Ults in he goes in and can’t stop so if the player uses their ult incorrectly they can end up in the middle of the team all by themselves and die for nothing.

Fiddlesticks (Support)

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Fiddlesticks was picked by Jactroll, support for EU team Vitality, many times that split into several champions. However one pick he can do quite well against is the Yummy as he can stop her from attaching herself to another champion leaving her open to getting one shot due to how squishy he is. Fiddlesticks is also a great pick due to his point and click CC which is hard to play against. His ult is also great for engaging and setting up plays with his team mates. Fiddlesticks also forces the enemy team to ward certain parts of the map otherwise they risk getting death bushed by him and his allies.

Wards are fiddlesticks main counter because if you can see him charging his ult you can easily get away. He is also easy to lock down as he is very immobile and without flash he has very little ways of escaping a difficult situation.

Jinx (ADC)

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Jinx is the only ADC in this list as the ADC meta is pretty one dimensional at the moment however there could be some scenarios in which a jinx could be played. Due to the meta having a lot of skirmishing and dueling a Jinx ult from across the map could be the deciding factor in some of those fights. Jinx has always been on the edge of the meta but suffers from the fact that other champions can do what she does but better. For example if you want a hyper carry, why not just pick Kog’Maw. Want an ADC with great CC? Pick Ashe. Want something that pop off in a teamfight? Pick Kai’sa. But there is space for a possible Jinx pick this worlds as long as the right conditions are in place.

Malphite (Top)

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Malphite received some quality of life updates in patch 9.14 which buffed him significantly. Despite the meta containing a lot of bruisers in the top lane Malphite could be a potential pick into matchups like Shen, Poppy or full AD enemy team comps. Malphite really excels in these scenarios due to the way he builds. His ult is still a tried and true team fight winner and teams that are looking for a rock solid toplane pick into tanks or full AD team comps then Malphite is their guy. Malphite also benefits a lot from demolisher and shield bash to in trade heavy matchups he can fight well and into tanks he split push and take towers really well.

Thresh (Support)

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Thresh is our final Pick to watch this 2019 Worlds. Thresh has received a huge spike in play recently and players such as Biofrost from CLG and Zeyzal from Cloud9 have been showing just how great this pick is in this meta. Thresh’s lantern is crazy good in this meta as Champions like Sylas, Akali and Aatrox can just go absolutely crazy in fights and know that they have an easy way out in the Thresh lantern. Thresh’s target lockdown is also fantastic in this meta and he can easily set up his team, which due to this meta is full of damage dealers, with easy kills which can snowball out of control with how volatile some of the champions in this Meta. Thresh is sure to see play this worlds and is widely regarded as one of the most fun supports to play for many players.

That was our Worlds 2019 Picks to watch let us know what you thought and don’t miss our coverage of the League of Legends 2019 World Championship. Remember to try out some of these picks in your own games just don’t pick them for the first time in your ranked games as many require of the pick require a lot of games to get the hang of.

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