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Worlds 2020: the full list of competitors

Worlds 2020 are closer and closer and the full list of teams going to Shanghai is finally here! Find out who will have the chance of representing their regional leagues in a fight for the most important trophy of the season – the Summoner’s Cup.

The path to the Cup

The Summoner’s Cup

Some of Worlds 2020 participants can already think about their strategies for a best group stage run. However, there are still 10 teams which will have to go through play-ins in order to secure themselves a place in the Main Event. Starting on October 25th and up until October 30th, the teams competing for the opportunity to face the top-rated rosters in the world include:

TeamRegionQualification path
LGD GamingChinaLPL 2020 Regional Finals Runner-Up
MAD LionsEuropeLEC 2020 Summer 4th Place
Team LiquidNorth AmericaLCS 2020 Summer 3rd Place
PSG TalonPCSPCS 2020 Summer Runner-Up
INTZBrazilCBLOL 2020 Split 2 Champion
Unicorns Of LoveCISLCL 2020 Summer Champion
V3 EsportsJapanLJL 2020 Summer Champion
Rainbow7Latin AmericaLLA 2020 Closing Champion
Legacy EsportsOceaniaOPL 2020 Split 2 Champion
Papara SuperMassiveTurkeyTCL 2020 Summer Champion
Worlds 2020: Play-ins

The aforementioned teams will be drawn into two groups. Winners of each will be directly guaranteed a seed in the Main Event, whereas the ones occupaying places 2-4 will move on to the Knockout Stage. There, the group stage runner-ups will eventually face whoever comes out on top in a match between the 3rd and 4th place (from separate groups). Similarly, winners of this stage will play in the Main Event.

The battle begins here

The Main Event consists of 16 teams – 4 of them at this point will have made it out of the play-ins stage, the remaining 12 on the other hand had already secured a seed during Summer Splits. Those are mostly the teams that have done best in LCK, LEC, LCS, LPL, and PCS, which means their road to the title will be a little less bumpy than their lower-rated opponents. Without the 4 play-ins winners, the current list of participants is as follows:

TeamRegionQualification path
Top Esports ChinaLPL 2020 Summer Champion
JD Gaming ChinaLPL 2020 Championship Points
Suning Suninglogo square.pngChinaLPL 2020 Regional Finals
G2 EsportsEuropeLEC 2020 Summer Champion
FnaticEuropeLEC 2020 Summer Runner-Up
RogueEuropeLEC 2020 Summer 3rd Place
DAMWON GamingKoreaLCK 2020 Summer Champion
DRXKoreaLCK 2020 Championship Points
Gen.GKoreaLCK 2020 Regional Finals
Team SoloMidNorth AmericaLCS 2020 Summer Champion
FlyQuestNorth AmericaLCS 2020 Summer Runner-Up
Machi EsportsPCSPCS 2020 Summer Champion
Worlds 2020: Main Event

Basen on seeding, the 16 teams taking part in the Main Event will be drawn into four groups. Each team will face their group opponents twice, in a Best of One system. Top two teams from each group advance to the Knockout Stage; from this moment on, a single elimination bracket will be prepared, with Best of Five series each match. We will get to know the 2020 World Champion on the 31st of October.

Worlds 2020 predictions

Who do you think will dominate the Rift this year? Are we going to witness the coronation of old kings? Or maybe it’s time for the young blood to take over the international ground and claim their rights to the throne? Let us know what you think and don’t forget to follow us for more news on the upcoming Worlds 2020!

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