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Your League of Legends 2019 World Champions are…

Today we saw two teams battle it out on the rift to call themselves the best team in the world. After a hard fought victory Funplux Phoenix are the League of Legends 2019 World Champions. FPX beat out G2 in a clean 3-0 victory beating them player for player in what some called a dissapointing finals.

The MVP of the series was the Jungler for FPX Tian who played 3 games on Lee Sin styling on G2 to give his team the victory and title of the League of Legends World Champions.

Some interesting stats came out of the series. Lwx ADC for FPX went deathless in all three games the first time any ADC has done that. The top laner GimGoon only died once in the last seconds of the final game. If he hadnt died he would have also been the first Top laner to go deathless in a finals series.

To sum up the series in the best way it was FPX playing well and G2 not quite reaching their full potential and not playing to their usual standard. Even the ADC for FPX said they didnt win because they were better they won because G2 didnt play their best which really does sum up the series.

FPX managed to win the drafts of 2 out of the 3 games and that was one of the leading factors next to their play for the win and title of the 2019 World Champions.

Next year the World Championship will be hosted in Shanghai, China. We will see if FPX can return and defend their title or will the curse set by Samsung continue and a foreign team win on Chinese soil.

LCS Scouting grounds will start soon, want to know who will be their and the details of the event? Click here to find out.

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